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Thai Silk in THAILAND

Probably the most sought-after fabric by visitors from all over the world, Thai silk is celebrated for its outstanding quality, unique designs and affordability. It comes in an array of colours, patterns and plies, and is sold by the yard, or as ready-made clothing and souvenir items such as neckties, scarves, handkerchiefs, shawls, handbags, photo frames, bed covers and the likes. Also look out for the unique 'Mat Mee' Thai silk, a traditional tie-dyed silk from the Northeast of Thailand.

Silk is one of Thailand's great bargains. It can be found all over the city, but care must be taken that you are purchasing real silk and not synthetic fabric. Inexpensive silk items or articles of clothing marked 'Thai silk', like the neckties or scarves for sale at stalls along Sukhumvit and Silom Roads, is not the real thing. Hand-woven silk and cotton from different ethnic and tribal groups in Thailand are more in line with what you're looking for. It comes in a variety of patterns and styles that reflect the cultural and ethnic uniqueness of the people who make it. Although usually cheaper closer to where it was woven, Bangkok has the advantage of having selections available from all over the country.

Prices and quality do vary greatly, but generally good quality silk is easily found at Pahurat Textile Market and at most tailors. Silk gift items and similar products can also be obtained at Chatuchak Weekend Market, Suan Lum Night Bazaar and many shopping outlets in malls.

 Shopping Thai Silk in Thailand with Jim Thomson

 Jim Thomson 

About Us The Thai Silk Company Limited
Registered: February 1, 1951
  Thai Printers & Finishers Co. Ltd.
  SKK Manufacturing Co. Ltd.:
  Pakpitak Co., Ltd.
Thompson, who settled in Bangkok in 1945, recognized the commercial possibilities of Thai silk at a time when the ancient handicraft was quickly disappearing due to competition from cheaper, machine-made fabrics. Convinced that the beauty and quality of Thai silk would have appeal outside Thailand, Thompson founded The Thai Silk Company, Ltd. For over fifty years, the Bangkok-based company has been the premiere manufacturer of exquisite Thai silk products. By the 1960s, the company had helped spawn over a hundred other silk companies in Thailand and silk had become the country’s most famous product.
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The Thai Silk Company Ltd. has exclusive branch shops in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and their home furnishings are distributed world-wide. The company operates a shop at the Jim Thompson House Museum at Thompson’s famed traditional Thai residence, which was, in his lifetime, Bangkok’s most celebrated social center and today draws visitors from around the world. Thompson’s mysterious disappearance in the Malaysian jungle in 1967 sparked the Jim Thompson legend, and his successes in Thailand have made his story one of the most popular postwar legends

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